Ian Kohlenstein
IIn Theory

Reliably & Uncharacteristically Different
 * Obtaining a masters degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications.​​

* As an undergrad, I was an International Business major.  My first professional position out of school was at an import / export company based in Washington D.C.

* In 2004, I visited a friend in San Diego and realized it was the place meant for me. So I loaded up the truck and I moved to Beverly. Actually,  I moved to the  South Bay of Los Angeles. 

* For the next 10 years I excelled in marketing various medical devices and services within the healthcare industry. 

* In 2015 I started an Ecommerce website to distribute a cardiovascular supplement.  I obtained a great deal of experience in digital marketing during this time. 

2016 and beyond -  Marketing Associate to Brand Advocate