Ian Kohlenstein
IIn Theory

Theory of Change. 1990's

The Theory of Change is focused on mapping out  what has been described as the missing middle between a goal and what needs to be done to achieve this goal. It does this by first identifying the desired long-term goals and then works back from these to identify all the outcomes that must be in place and how these related to one another causally for the goals to occur. These are all mapped out in an Outcomes Framework. A common error in describing Theory of Change is the belief that it is simply a methodology for planning and evaluation. Theory of Change is instead a form of critical theory that ensures a transparent distribution of power dynamics. Further, the process is necessarily inclusive of many perspectives and participants in achieving solutions.
Long Term Goal - Brand Manager

Short Term Goal - Obtain a position to further gain knowledge and experience in marketing and public relations. I will work tirelessly to be the BEST in your organization.

The Middle  - Work Hard - Work Smart - Be a Sponge!